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Hey, Thanks for reading this section. I just made a 1.17.1 server. It is open for anyone to join at this moment. But hope we can whitelist the server once we get filled up. At this point the server is still being built. I am looking for roles to be filled in. Such as builders, Admins, and Mod. My goal for this server is to have a Medieval RPG Style. Where players will be able to travel from 1 world to another. and explore. Want to join? Join us and join our discord for more info. Message Ninjas Dynasty for any questions you may have.

What does our server have so far?

1. Right now we have multiple worlds setup. But warps are not possible at this time.

2. Cross-play. Thats right Bedrock from xbox and windows 10 can now play on our Java edition server on PC.

3. Plot world for creative.

4. PVP world

5. PVE World.

6. Factions.

What is to come?

Many things is to come. The server is always being updated with new things. New worlds. I hope to find players such as you to help me out with making a parkour world. and many other things such as arena for minigames.

How many staff do you have now?

Not many. The staff i have now is not very active. But they are only one when they can be. So i need to find more to fill in the roles so that the server will have staff on 24/7 As of now it is only me working on the MC server, Website, and discord. And it is getting harder and harder. But i have to see this through.

Is there PVP and PVE?

Yes there will be both. There will be 2 worlds for this, 1 for survival and the other for PVE players. For PVP survival world you must trust friends and trust no one. Anything goes. This means raiding players bases, or destroying their factions and their bases if you can.

I want to be a builder but im not age 18+ What can i do?

If you want to have your creation in the main hun or 1 of our spawn areas. Then make sure you go to the plot world and build something. If an admin or owner feels that your build looks good for the spawn/hub areas. They will then copy and paste your build for you. And your name will be on the sign saying who it was from giving you (THE Player) the credits for your build. ^_^

Im a streamer. Can i stream on the server?

Yes - We would love anyone who streams to stream the server. We has that when streaming please put our IP or name of our server in your stream title to help us grow more. It creates traffic for both us and you. Please make sure you let Ninjas Dynasty know that your a streamer as well. This way if you do stream our server he can add your stream to discord to help advertise you as well. And meet the requirements as a streamer for him to keep you advertised.

Please Note: Admins, Builders, and Mods must be the age 18 and older. Staff Must have Discord and Mics.


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